What do you and Pablo Escobar have in common?

Pablo Escobar meme
Other than making a pretty tired comment about diversifying one’s distribution channels and building profiles to curry favour with those holding the purse strings, believe it or not, I do NOT have a great deal in common with Pablo Escobar.

However, you might (no offence)!

It did tickle me I must say and I’ve had a lot of comments on social media about it.

However, amongst the comedy, is there not also a hint of tragedy?

Right now, there are business owners all over the UK giggling away at it but in reality, they are in the same boat, or pool.

They just don’t have a plan!

They think that once “normal” returns, so will all of the lost or missed revenue. Customers will come flocking back.

Well, they MIGHT!

Of course, they might all FLOCK OFF to your competitors if you aren’t doing anything NOW to remind them that you are either open or opening for business.

Do you have a special offer planned? Have you added new products or services?

Have you PIVOTED? I mean COME ON, that’s the KEY message from everyone else on the planet isn’t it?

Joking aside, if you have done stuff but not told anyone or have done absolutely NOWT up to now, don’t panic,

I am here for you with a no-strings offer where you can pick my marketing brain FREE for half an hour.

Maybe you have a vague plan but want a fresh pair of eyes on it?

Perhaps you are all good to go but need some extra OOMPH to make it really make an impact?

If you feel you might benefit from more time with me we can arrange that (for a fee), either by the day or the half day.

Would that be useful?

Look, I’m here to help, so go on, book a chat with me and let’s see where I can help.

it is NOT too late for you, it is too late for Pablo