Why do you and your website keep ignoring this VIP customer?

What if I told you that there’s a secret customer that you’ve missed?

A customer might well have been sniffing around your website and your social media profiles for ages.

A customer that is incredibly powerful with the ability to open the floodgates to your lead generation and marketing?

Meet R. E. Porter – the most powerful customer you keep ignoring

I guess you’d want to sell to them right now, wouldn’t you? 

Of course you would!

The problem is, this customer rarely buys directly from the supplier but can get thousands of others to do just that…

You’d be mad not to at least think about how you can attract this customer wouldn’t you?

I am going to give this customer or this mystery ‘broker’ a name but in reality, this broker is not just one person, this broker is legion in number with the power to command the attention of your entire market.

Let’s unmask this figure that is lurking in the shadows shall we? In fact, let’s give it a name. This customer goes by the name of R. E.

It is
Porter who your customer listens to on the radio, on the drive into work or whilst you’re making breakfast.

It is
Porter who fills your TV screens all morning with information he or she chooses to let you see.

It is
Porter who controls so many of the messages that arrive in your inbox and yes, it is Porter who commands the greatest share of voice in your social media feeds.

This “
Porter” is a chameleon with a very influential job.

, is a journalist, a blogger, a TV producer, a researcher, a features editor and a booker of interviews on the airwaves.

is pulling the levers of the media machine and greasing the wheels of your competitors marketing campaigns. 

Why is this happening? Why is
Porter only ever listening to them? Why does Porter never find out about you?

It’s time to take a look at your website through the eyes of a different customer. Seriously, what are you doing to ensure R. E.
Porter knows about you?

Porter see your backstory? Does Porter know who your ideal customer is and who you serve best? 

Porter see your face on your website and can Porter easily discover what it is you know about better than anybody else? Can Porter find articles about you on other websites or take a look at your blog or knowledge centre to discover that yes, here is someone I can trust and who has something to say to MY CUSTOMERS?

That is what
Porter is seeing. Porter’s appetite for content is insatiable, it feeds Porter, it sustains the media machine but all too often, Porter has to eat at the same table every night with the same dull company and the same boring recipes

could well be your best customer, your biggest influencer but right now, you’ve probably given Porter no thought at all.

Now is the time to change that.

If you are looking at your website with a fresh pair of eyes, let me know if you fancy a second look from someone who knows
Porter very well – Call Me on 0115 727 0674 or book your Free PR Consultation below.

After all, I used to go by that name too.