PR guru launches international comms hub

Press For Attention PR founder Greg Simpson has announced the imminent launch of an “international communication station” as UK businesses gear up for the post-lockdown revival.

Simpson, a former business journalist and published author on PR, confirmed the news over the telephone and a clever sequence of smoke signals, before harnessing numerous digital software platforms to gently harangue the media into covering the breaking tech story.

The news coincides with the 13th anniversary of Press For Attention PR, which given Simpson’s flair for attracting attention was launched on April 1st, seemingly guaranteeing him an inexhaustible supply of business anniversary angles to beat the press into submission with.

Back in 2018, whilst celebrating the agency’s 10th anniversary, Press For Attention PR announced a new communications project, codenamed “Speckled Jim”.

The project mooted a partnership with the city’s underworked and under-represented pigeon population, in “a bid to help reduce carbon emissions and hot air in the PR and Marketing industry, whilst also giving the feral birds a sense of community, purpose and goal achievement” according to Simpson.

Speaking about the latest venture through his representative April F. Ool, Simpson said;

“This is going to be huge. Building a business and a brand is about pushing the boundaries and not being afraid to tackle the big issues head on. We know from the pandemic that online meetings are the future so I’ve modelled what the likes of Elon Musk would likely do in this situation and got some more phones, another laptop and some oversized headphones in case I need to release a charity record at the same time. I’m currently in negotiations with Danger Mouse over the phone box office base.

“Of course, putting my money where my mega media mouth is has required a clever balancing act as my tongue has been wedged firmly in my cheek throughout this process, hence needing to communicate through my representative April.’