Ad hoc, project and strategic PR support

Since we started providing PR support in 2008, we have listened to a lot of people. Clients, customers and journalists. Our founder, Greg Simpson, had also been in all of these roles prior to setting up the agency. Budgets, strategies and tactics vary hugely and should always be tailored to what you need, not what we or any other PR consultancy dictates.

Not everyone wants a retainer. We understand this.

So, we’ve created two different approaches – “PR Warehouse” and “PR Boutique”. PR Warehouse allows you to buy our most popular solutions off the shelf as and when you need them. PR Boutique is a more tailored approach, fusing strategic PR consultancy with proven tactics for maximum ROI. Click here for a brief overview of what we do for our clients and what we can do for you, from media relations and press releases to photography, thought leadership and copywriting