Take the leap…what is there to lose?

There’s a tonne of stuff about today in the media about seizing the extra day that the Leap Year brings – I wrote a decent amount of it myself!

However, there’s something else about the Leap Year that resonated with me today.

The old tradition about women proposing to men.

It seems (after a quick google) that it’s a British and Irish tradition dating back to fifth-century Ireland, when Saint Bridget complained to Saint Patrick that women were tired of waiting for men to propose.

Err…OK, if you say so Google.

Anyway, it got me thinking about why so many people wait for the media to propose to them.


Most bona fide experts kind of just potter along hoping that they will be “discovered” by a reporter and that FINALLY they will get the recognition their experience, qualifications and insight deserves.

Well, they might.

Especially if they are registered as a Guru on my alerts service, that’s a good starting point!

However, they might do even better if they asked.

Or if they got someone to ask for them, like at school when you fancied someone!

So if you are sick of waiting for that proposal from the media, why not take the leap and ask?

Or get your mate (me) to do it for you.