Caution – contains syrupy content and lions

For years I have been blissfully unaware of something.

Well, many things in fact, who knew that a crocodile can’t stick its tongue out for one?

Oh and that you can’t lick your own elbow.*

However, more pertinent to this latest marketing missive is that for years, I have been merrily spreading essence of deceased lion carcass all over my pancakes?

I’ve been at it for nigh on 40 years, aided and abetted by my parents and responsible parties.

Meanwhile, it turns out the whole world has been part of this sinister story since 1883!

You see, Lyle’s Golden Syrup has FINALLY replaced its logo of a DEAD LION plagued by a swarm of bees.

I’ll be honest, I had never noticed the lion!

Let alone the bothersome beesl.

Now some in the media (no doubt wringing their hands anxiously) are calling this the latest example of “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD”.


Well it has been replaced by a “happier” lion – a not dead one is normally a tad cheerier isn’t it?

The product’s green tin replete with deceased golden lion packaging was first launched in 1881 and holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s oldest unchanged brand packaging.

It apparently had a tweak in 1883, maybe they added an extra bee, who knows?

It apparently had religious connotations as it is referring to Samson, who snuck some honey from a hive, and fed it to his parents without telling them where he got the honey from.

Spoiler alert…the DEAD LION carcass!

Now, what has this got to do with PR then Greg? This is branding isn’t it?

Well yes but that’s the point, this is HOW you get people to notice said re-brands.

You explain the story. You educate, you inform.

Sometimes you make people run to their kitchen to check logos in shock.

It gets people talking.

The good folk at Lyle’s tell us that the branding has been “revitalised for the modern UK family” in a move to “refresh the brand’s legacy to appeal to a 21st century audience”.

They go on to opine that;

“We’re confident that the fresh new design will make it easier for consumers to discover Lyle’s as an affordable, everyday treat, while re-establishing the brand as the go-to syrup brand for the modern UK family, featuring the same delicious taste that makes you feel Absolutely Golden.”

Presumably without the lingering liony aftertaste?

Well it might.

Just remember that the PR is what got everyone to check out the old and new branding.

So the next time you look to rebrand, don’t be afraid to explain the back story in gruesome detail rather than just leaving it “lion” around and eventually forgotten….

*Admit it, you tried it.