Press For An Expert

Have you ever wondered why the media ALWAYS seems to quote the same folk?

When they publish their advice pieces, it’s the “Usual Suspects” isn’t it? They NEVER seem to ask YOU do they?

Annoying! Especially when YOU are a bona fide EXPERT, be you butcher, baker or candlestick maker!

  • You are the one with the qualifications.
  • You wrote the book.
  • You have a happy customer list as long as your arm!
  • You have been in business for yonks!
  • You could explain this in seconds if you had the chance.

Pssst…I shall let you in on the secret.

I am building a trusted team of bona fide experts who we can “match” with our buddies in the media as and when opportunities arise. A little black book we can call on and trust.

Simply choose your level & find out how it works:

Our free option – You will likely have some competition here as this is not capped in terms of members in your category but it might help you dip your toe in the water.

With only 3 Masters in your field, you jump the queue ahead of the crowd and unlock professional support from us to pitch you when the opportunities arise.

This is the option for experts who want to ensure that they get the first crack at the story. You have exclusive access to each opportunity in your category for 24 hours or you can “pass” it to a Master if you are too busy or it doesn’t quite feel right for you this time. Plus…you also have access to:

Plus, preferential rates for additional services:

A note of caution:

Now, you DO have to be a genuine EXPERT. That doesn’t mean you need to have been in business for decades but you will be professionally qualified or have tonnes of experience in your field. Plus, we need to be able to prove it. Oh, you will also need some patience. Opportunities do not come along every second! That’s why Press for An Expert is FREE – if you want it to be.

You can of course upgrade to be the first to see these opportunities, have me pitch you on your behalf and even craft your reply if that’s what the reporter needs. Sometimes, they prefer a chat and we can prepare you for that.

Download Our Brochure:

Ready to take the next steps? Simply tell us what level you are interested in and download our brochure and Greg and the team will do the rest.

Happy Reading

Who am I & why does it matter to you?

I’m a former business journalist and have been helping my clients to get their story told for over 20 years and I’m a published author on the subject. Greg Simpson