Geri and Christian add Spice to F1 drama

I really should be better at driving.

That’s not to say I’m bad, I’m just very “steady“. I rarely speed, I’m never aggressive.

Which means that despite my NAME DROP KLAXON family connections*, I probably would never make a good racing driver.. Being 6ft 5 wouldn’t be ideal either.

It turns out that Head Honcho (as we speak anyway) at Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner, lacked that extra oomph too.

In a piece in yesterday’s Sunday Times they note he was a very competent Formula 3000 racer but he himself has confessed he lacked that ability to take it to the edge, which he discovered whilst witnessing the edge of seat driving antics of Juan Pablo Montayo many moons ago as he trailed in his wake.

Well, it seems he has a talent for nail biting tension after all.

Denying any wrongdoing as he was hauled before his bosses, shaking off any notion of extra pressure as the season got underway this weekend, then the texts…

Oh and then….

Enter stage left, his wife, Geri, for a media-friendly cuddle and kiss for the cameras.

A tad awkward after THOSE texts had leaked out from an as yet unnamed source who is NOT the father of his star driver Max Verstappen – according to Jos anyway.

Time will tell what happnes to Horner but it won’t be long before the backers at his team’s future engine supplier (Ford) begin to fret even more than they were already.

They have gone eerily quiet after the latest leak, having previously noted that they expect

‘high standards of behaviour and integrity’.

I had only dabbled in the Netflix docuseries  that shadows the glitz and glamour of F1 until now.

However, Geri’s arrival on the grid this weekend and into the heart of the drama will ensure I’m watching more closely going forwards.

Will Horner’s chequered history makle this the final lap?

Will his Drive To Survive win the day?

Or will I descend into the pits of another series of bad puns?

Time will tell, meanwhile, the PR crew will be the ones racing to change gear.

*email me and you can find out who this is.