Woo the media on Valentine’s and all year-round

So, how do you make the media fall in love with you?

There’s no need for incantations and you will be pleased to see that neither eye of newt nor toe
of frog are on your shopping list.

However, we are going to weave something of a spell here as we aim to at least get you a date
with your target media.

By the end of it, you might even be holding hands. OOOOOOhhhhhh.

All too often when people chat to me at EC events, they seem keen to find ‘sneaky ways’ to get
the press to cover them.

Almost like they are trying to get away with being covered by them before they are rumbled!

A bit like online dating but using a VERY old photo or perhaps exaggerating some of your
‘achievements’ in the hope that they will pique interest.

The problem is, this strategy will only work in the short-term before you are rumbled, if indeed it
works at all.

Are we in a relationship?

I want you to be more mature about what you want from each other in any potential media

I want you to think about what you BOTH bring to the party. It shouldn’t just be about you getting
media coverage, it should be about them getting a great story so they can sell more copies or

It is a win/win for both of you.

I want you to start looking for a relationship where you are perfect for one another.

The problem is, although it is perfectly possible to DIY when it comes to PR, too many people
are focused on What’s In It For Me?

To be really good at the PR game, you need to think about What’s In It For Us?

You need to find the right media partner, the perfect fit for your business, not your ego.

You need to find common ground where you and the journalist are greater than the sum of your
parts. You need to add some Valentine’s Value.

If you work with this approach, you will soon start to find that you are doing less of the chasing
and the media suitors are actually flocking to you for a date.

Valentine’s Day was originally a celebration of the coming of spring. If you start to work with my
approach you will soon find your PR and marketing campaign is blooming marvellous.

Or you could just send them flowers, it’s a start.