Will there be a mutiny on the Bounty? Either way, PR celebrations are in order

We’ve all been there.

The last knockings of the chocolate box over Christmas (anytime in December in my house).

The Purple one has vanished, the Green Triangle has found its inner Bermuda and disappeared.

Then lo, underneath all the detritus that litters the bottom of the tin, a few stragglers strive to break the surface, their little shiny wrappers glinting in the sunlight as they make a break for it.

It feels tropical, you can almost smell the……oh no….the Coconut!

However, hope is kindled….they’ve only gone and BANNED the Bounty one!

The BBC Business News website and MANY more media outlets featured the story this very morning.

The maker of Celebrations chocolates is to remove Bounty bars from SOME tubs next after finding 40% of people HATE the coconut-flavoured treat.

It seems they will supply a limited run of “No Bounty” tubs which would be available at 40 Tesco stores in the run-up to Christmas.

This isn’t the first time these guys have leveraged the Love/Hate angle either. Last year they announced a Bounty Return Scheme allowing a swap with Maltesters.


What is even cleverer is that they have caused more outrage by limiting the availability.

People are now annoyed about not being able to access the Bounty-free tins if they don’t live in the chosen areas.

So they are now moaning on Twitter and fuelling the PR fire beautifully.

My money is on the Bounty-free tins being far more widely available due to consumer demand sharpish.

That will give them ANOTHER great PR opportunity. Hats off to the team behind this!