Want award-winning PR results? Throw awards into your marketing mix

Phenomenal growth - over 3800%
Phenomenal growth – over 3800%

A couple of evenings ago, I was out at a networking function but my phone was constantly keeping me updated from a ceremony somewhere in London.

Our client www.briefyourmarket.com was shortlisted (top 50) in the hugely respected Deloitte Fastest 50 awards – based on the growth of tech firms across the UK.

Our job, as soon as possible, was to relay the results to the press and get the story out pronto the next day. To make it easier, we had already drafted 3 versions, a placement release, a top 10 and a top 5. The winner would be taken care of by the Deloitte team so we left that option out but had a quote prepared, just in case.

“Made Top 10” came one text…then an eerie silence before “Wow! Top 5” and then “highest in the Midlands”. This required some slight editing in the small hours but we were ready and by the next day we had briefed the local and regional press, gained sign off and got the story out. Timing is everything.

FYI – the growth figure for my client…over 3800% over 5 years


The next day, the BriefYourMarket.com team had some great news to share with their employees, suppliers and other valued stakeholders. Their office was a buzz of excitement heading into the weekend. I know, I popped over to say hi!

Come Monday and we had already achieved blanket coverage across the region and set the ball rolling on a series of articles within their horizontal and vertical press.

A month prior to this I mentioned a more local award to someone I met at a networking event. I’m delighted to say…she won! Earlier this year, another client of ours, Paragon Interiors Group Plc won at the “Sunday Times 100 Best Companies”awards.

Whilst it is tempting to claim a Midas touch we can’t. By and large most of our clients see entering awards as part of their wider marketing strategy – they see the ROI. It is a fantastic way to gain objective third-party endorsement (a major goal of PR), great coverage and one of the best ways to foster employee and company relationships.

People proudly point to articles in the press and say “I work there”. Other highly-skilled people start thinking “maybe I should work there?”

Sometimes…potential clients get in touch too, as happened this week.

So, ahead of the winter break, start to think about what awards you might enter in 2015. They might be local, regional, national or industry based but you can bet that once you integrate them into your marketing, the effects can really make a difference.