Terry – “the players don’t have a problem with me.” What about the fans and the press John?

Will they follow the leader again?

So, John Terry is back as England captain in the absence of Rio Ferdinand. Is it deserved? Is he a reformed character? Is it a wise move PR-wise for the embattled Capello to show he is his own man or will the media tighten the screw further on Capello’s regime?

I have written on this subject before, just before the World Cup, when rumours were rife about Terry losing the armband amidst tabloid revelations. My point back then is still valid, see below:

Capello’s problem is that Terry is a fine player and has, until now, been a fine captain of club and country, leading both in their resurgence. However, a captain, by definition, needs the respect of the changing room and the fans. One would suspect that what respect he did have is now hanging by a thread.

Terry claims he has the respect of the players but whether the same can be said about the fans and crucially (for both him and Capello) the press, is another matter. He was stripped of the captaincy for personal reasons, as being perceived as a poor role model and because he was a potential threat to squad harmony.

He remains a good player, an international star-quality footballer. Whether the other traits remain, we shall soon find out and that is when the foundations of his reappointment will really be tested.