Take it easyJet – Kate’s not the classic role model.

I have written before about the issues brands have to bear in mind when aligning themselves to celebrities.

Do both brands fit? Is there synergy in terms of their current perceptions or…hopefully…an opportunity to find that synergy and benefit each other?

Consider the risks if it all goes a bit wrong, celebrities are not known for their linear behaviour, especially the ones that have the biggest brand bang for buck.

For some, controversial figures are what drives the brand. I dare say that Burberry isn’t exactly wringing its hands over Kate Moss’s alleged antics on her easyJet flight back from Turkey on Sunday. It feels just…well…like Kate and..it’s not actually the first time they have been mentioned in the same breath.

Also, we are now seeing fellow passengers coming out to criticise  easyJet for their heavy-handed approach to the model’s behaviour.

So far, easyJet has only issued a very bland statement, perhaps eager to not stir this up too much and also…maybe they are even quite keen to have the brand associated with Kate and her “Primrose Hill set”.

As for Kate, she has said nothing and it almost seems to be par for the course. A storm in a teacup.

I’m not excusing Kate’s behaviour, for one, we don’t know for sure what occurred. I’m also not suggesting that celebrities should be treated any differently to anyone else. Just bear in mind that when it comes to dealing with them in the press, there are a lot of considerations to take “on board”.