Have you got views for me?

A common objection we hear when chatting to businesses about PR, especially those in B2B markets, is:
“But we don’t have any news, so it isn’t worth it.”
OK, perhaps not rubbish. Perhaps you don’t have much “hard” news around products or events to talk about.
However, if at some stage in your marketing you adopt a consultative/expert approach (which I certainly advocate) then you should certainly have views.
Views on the market in terms of trends – current or future
Views on forthcoming or suggested legislation
Views on the economy (at least on a local or regional level)
Imagine you are speaking to a colleague or a client over a coffee or something stronger one afternoon. At some point, your expertise on a subject will be asked for, or perhaps, you will volunteer it. You cheerfully give some straight, honest “as I see it” advice. Your friend/client/audience thanks you for it.Now, guess what? The media wants to hear it too. OK, you might need to tone it down a touch, or speak to your PR consultant about it but it is superb fodder for your PR campaign.If you are in professional services, you should be aware of changes that will impact your clients. In fact, many firms run seminars to prove just that. So, if it works… share it across a far bigger audience via the press.

If you are in a B2C market, for example an estate agent, tell the media about WHY house prices are doing what they are doing. Suggest what they may do next.

You might be a landscape gardener. Get on the phone to the local radio station and pitch yourself as an expert on how to get your lawn ship-shape for summer.

If you aren’t comfortable pitching to the press, hire someone like us or start a regular blog and progress from there. If you write well enough (useful content, not florid waffle or sales messages) your target media will have a great idea of what you can offer and may even start to come to you.

Stop worrying so much about shoe-horning your brand into everything and instead, showcase your expertise and think “what would my audience benefit from reading?”.

That is what a journalist is thinking and in most cases, that is what you will be hired for. That is your value. Demonstrate it.