Sister’s wedding ban over “stealing spotlight” = international coverage for trauma expert Danny

So imagine you have a wedding coming up but your sister is gravely ill.
What do you do? Maybe make her the maid of honour?
Or ban her?
You see, rather than her ailing health being the challenge, it appears to be the worry that she might hog the limelight that is the problem.
Not due to her looks, personality or riches.
Nope, it is because she is sick. In fact, she has ALWAYS been sick.
She had cancer as a child and it has returned in adulthood.
Well, according to 14,000 people on Reddit, you ban her…

my point is that I am sick of her stealing the spotlight. That’s what will happen if she rolls in with a wheelchair.”

Words fail me.
Mercifully, they didn’t fail The Trauma Expert Danny Greeves when Newsweek reached out on social media for professional guidance as to what was going on here.
It’s fair to assume that there are some unresolved family issues and award-winning psychotherapist Danny was on hand to share his wisdom after Greg pitched him to the reporter over twitter and followed up with an email.
The whole process from pitch to publishing took about 2 hours but was the result of decades of experience.
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