PMQs – a kitchen sink drama we love to hate

The final PMQs of the coalition government will take place later today in the Commons but…has it rescued or ruined either leaders’ common touch as they seek your vote in May?

It is a divisive topic. Many people won’t watch it or listen due to the timings or their location. Many find it utterly repellent and a symptom of the underlying problem the UK public has with politics and politicians.

However, for many, myself included, it is really rather addictive. I watch not from a political viewpoint but from a PR perspective. How David Cameron and Ed Miliband come over during this extended Punch & Judy show is an object lesson in good and bad PR.

I often wonder how many script writers are beavering away behind the scenes with puns, counter punches and insults compared to how many are feverishly compiling hard political stats and facts to argue the point of each leader and party. In this parliament, one could be forgiven for suspecting the former has more resource.

Sometimes it is hilarious, often unintentionally. Often it is just plain frustrating and turns the audience off altogether, alienating them from what appears to be nothing better than a school debate.

There is talk of reform, the speaker, John Bercow even acknowledging his own role in what is often low farce. Love it or hate it, it does entertain. Whether it turns you on or off a particular leader or party remains to be seen.

Here, for your delectation is a series of highlights from 2010-2015 courtesy of the BBC.