13 years in business – unlucky for some?

A ping on my Linkedin profile last week reminded me that it is 13 years since I set out on my solo voyage to run my own PR agency.

13 Years in Business, Press for Attention, Greg Simpson

13 eh? Unlucky for some?

Well, a global recession one month after starting in 2008 was unfortunate that’s for sure and this pandemic hasn’t exactly been a stroll in the park but I’ve learned many lessons in running a
business along the way. I’ve also forgotten many!

I originally wrote my top 10 PR lessons on these very pages 3 years ago. They haven’t changed that much and you can view them right HERE but I do have 3 more that are both business and PR/Marketing focused, I hope they are useful:

11. Stop worrying about being known by EVERYBODY.
The problem with a lot of marketing and with it, PR, is that the goal appears to be global domination. OK, that may well be the marketing objective for the likes of Facebook, Apple or Nike but it is unlikely that this is the goal for your business.

Unless you LOVE the limelight. Which is fine but focus on what brings in the cash first! Instead, focus on being FAMOUS TO A FEW. The few who really count. Your TARGET

If you don’t work outside of the region, stop fretting about getting national coverage. If you only work with widget manufacturers, get excited about speaking to Widgets Weekly.

Since the pandemic I have certainly broadened my scope in terms of geography but 80% of my market is still here in the East Midlands, hence why I write this column.

12. Be more Marmite, less vanilla
Now, this doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to divide opinion, plenty of people attempt that tactic and it is NOT one for the long term or if you like to sleep well.

What I mean is that you should be yourself. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, this is about being true to yourself. You are often your own harshest critic so don’t waste time,
energy and resources on being something you are not in order to fit in or indeed to stand out. If you are a tad ‘Marmite’ don’t worry, be your authentic self. Don’t water yourself down to vanilla
to play ‘safe’.

PS the media and your customers will also smell this a mile off!

13. Unlucky for some?

There’s no denying that a lot in life and in business comes down to luck. However, remember the great golfer Arnold Palmer’s quote (that was attributed to him anyway);

“The harder I practice, the luckier I get!”

He knows his game, he knows his skills, he knows his par, he knows his strengths and weaknesses and works on them all. He also knows his targets. Too many people drift in
business. I absolutely did for many years.

Now I have targets. Targets for client acquisition and retention. Targets for reviews. Targets for followers. Targets for subscribers, for profit, for stories written, for pitches made to the media
and guess what….the harder I practice….