Gove, an education in how not to be cool

One wonders who advises these minsters on their PR. Unless you believe this was unplanned of course.

If it was stage managed, I’m not sure how they got the pupil to ask that question, maybe they just got “lucky” but my word, this will allow any budding #Govebuster to haunt him for weeks and months to come.

Never mind the lyrics, it is just the utter cheese-fest of the entire day.

PR team meeting:

Tarquin: “Gove’s getting panned in the media and the teachers are striking this week.”

Tarquinella: “Yah, but like, isn’t the BBC doing some kids reporting thing? That might be easier than Paxman you know, we get Gove to be all like, down with the kids yah?”

Tarquinella: *does finger snap* “yah, sooo love it! OK, didn’t he/we once say he liked rap?” We could get him to freestyle in front of the kids.”

Tarquinella: “No, way too risky. Get him to practice something cool but, you know ‘ironic cool’.

Tarquinella: “WHAM?”

Tarquinella: “Nailed it!”

Now, this conversation may or may not have taken place but someone, even Gove, should be thinking about how this looks. Desperate.

Having panned Blackadder as a history lesson (factual or not) he lost half the UK. Now, by attempting to be cool, he has just made himself (even more) of a laughing stock.

PR-wise, I feel a bit sorry for him as it is poor advice and if he genuinely does love WHAM then bless him for trying but dear me.

He did manage to say “vanilla” in the correct way, so “nuff respect” there.

What next…a selfie?


Gove, I'm cool now kids.
Gove, I’m cool now kids.