Cadbury’s gives rivals a chance to coin it in at Christmas

Christmas is cancelled - or is it?
Christmas is cancelled – or is it?

Before someone says “I told you so” in a week or so’s time…this MAY be an elaborate PR stunt.

However, if it is…it is very risky.

To summarise…earlier this week, chocolate giant Cadbury’s (now owned by Kraft) shocked seasonal chocolate lovers across the nation when it announced it would no longer manufacture its gold chocolate coins.

Thus began a social media frenzy dubbed #ChocCoinGate – driving huge attention (negatively) to Cadbury’s but also, if a rival chocolatier will take a leap of PR faith, creating a huge opportunity to capitalise and promote their own range.

A Cadbury’s spokesman told the Telegraph on Monday that the coins were too “fiddly” to unwrap and suffered from poor sales as they could not be reinforced with the “Cadbury Purple” branding.

He added: “We are sorry to see the coins go, but that’s business.”

It is indeed but it also a huge loss-leader that just happens to keep Cadbury’s front of mind at the most wonderful and sweet toothedly time of the year. “Ooh, I’ll buy a tin of Roses whilst I’m here actually, oh and a Dairy Milk bar for dad”

However, if the makers of Quality Street (Nestle) fancied it, now would be a good time to introduce a “free gold coins” offer with every tin. Similarly, Thorntons could make a stand and use their retail outlets to push their own version. PR is about seizing opportunities.

PR should mainly be proactive but think about how swiftly you could react in terms of PR and (crucially) delivery of alternatives in similar situations.

Even small artisan outlets can get in on this by contacting their local media with a supply and an invitation to see how the coins are made.

There is a great big open goal here for someone to be the chocolatier who saved Christmas!