Boris caught in video nasty

Boris takes a grilling
Boris takes a grilling

To many, he is a lovable buffoon in an area that has few fans. Politics.

However, will Boris Johnson’s appearance (click here) on the Andrew Marr show yesterday (Sunday 24th March), in which Marr’s replacement, Eddie Mair, cornered him on issues that would appear to fly in the face of his public profile, soon have him relegated to the ranks of the other politicians who struggle so feebly to make such a positive public impression as he does with apparent ease?

Boris faced the grilling over allegations made against him in an upcoming BBC documentary. In the interview, (you can see it here) Mair confronted an increasingly exasperated Boris about claims that he made up quotes while working for The Times, lied to his then party leader (Michael Howard) about having an affair and provided a friend with the address of someone they wanted to ‘beat up’.

Mair also asked Boris about his refusal to discuss whether he wants to be the prime minister, to which he replied ‘I don’t want to talk about this’.

He may well not want to but Boris has built a career on seeming to be “different” from his other party colleagues and indeed MPs on both sides of the house. This could be a very challenging spring for the man who won so many hearts and minds during his Olympic summer.

What do you think? Has this changed your perception Boris?

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