Behind the PR scenes on the day of Thatcher’s resignation

"Divisive" - understatement of the year
“Divisive” – understatement of the year

I’m not interested in debating the politics and the former PM but I have found it fascinating to see how many people genuinely do seem bothered by politics when the really BIG news happens.

Maybe yesterday’s events will see a lot more people becoming politically active or wearing their political hearts on their sleeves more often?

Anyway, as this blog is about PR, I thought I’d share a fascinating article I just found in PR Week by former government comms adviser Siobhan Kenny, who remembers being behind the scenes on the day of Maggie’s shock resignation in 1990.

Read it here

There is also a handy video archive here that includes Thatcher’s departure from Downing Street should you wish to boo or cheer.