Your Name Please…

Your Name Please?
Your occupation?
And your chosen specialist subject?

Those were the three EASY questions I put to 1200+ entrepreneurs at a conference last week. I then asked them some more probing ones to uncover how ready they might be to become one of my TRUSTED MEDIA EXPERTS in the virtual little black book I am compiling for 2024.
I’ll let you in on a little secret here…
When the media is looking to file a story on a subject that requires some extra insight, they don’t just Google it or delve into Wikipedia.
OK, some do.
Not the “proper” ones though. The ones that are communicating with your target audience.
They consult their little black book.
Now, it might be on a CRM (doubtful), it might be on a spreadsheet or even a stack of business cards, in Twitter messages or on a pile of Post It Notes.
The questions I have for you are:
● Are you in the game?
● Do you have a chance to even be asked for your expertise?
I had loads of people at the show tell me;
“The media NEVER asks me. I’m the EXPERT, they ALWAYS go to the same old people.”
The Usual Suspects – Annoying isn’t it?
I understand but have you ever actually tried to change this? Have you ever responded to a media request within the deadline and with USEFUL info?
Are you even READY if they say “YES!”?
Take the test HERE and you can find out – It will take about 90 seconds.
You will get a shiny report that will show you where you are good, great and where there’s room for improvement.
No black chairs, studio audience and ominous music required. It could be the catalyst to get you properly recognised as the Media MasterMind in your field.