There’s NOTHING neutral about this national media carbon coverage

What do you get when you cross soap stones, high tech heating, the mayor of West Yorkshire and a commitment to driving net-zero across the region?

A call from “The Times” to discuss your mission and how it pertains to electric radiators of course…all as energy bills are in the media glare and customers’ minds.

Hot stuff eh

Want to know how I did this for our fabulous client Trust Electric Heating this week?

Set your thermostat to “WIN” and read on…

Earlier this year, Trust Electric Heating’s MD, Fiona Conor, was appointed to the panel of West Yorkshire’s first ever Manufacturing Task Force.

We of course made hay with this in the local/regional and trade press as it is fantastic positioning for Fiona as a thought leader (this is our speciality).

The Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracey Brabin, outlined the concept of the Manufacturing Task Force in late 2021, aiming to propel local businesses towards a digital, global and green future.

Trust thinks that rather than wait to be told to transition (as smaller businesses tend to follow the larger leaders) through legislation, they should lead.

Indeed they should!

So we’ve been quite vocal about this and our mission found its way to a reporter on “The Times” newspaper a couple of weeks ago when we responded to a request for comment from SME leaders on achieving net zero.

21 seconds to go

I replied in approximately 21 seconds (cue the music) citing Fiona’s new role and the task force.

Note, I did NOT push the electric radiators that they manufacture and sell.

I pushed the HELPFUL angle for the reporter – we can add value to his feature.

The media needs information, not marketing copy. There is a knack to finding this balance.

After a few chats between Fiona and I, then the reporter, then me and the reporter (nudge, cajole, add more value) we found a lovely quarter of a page from Fiona on the topic in Monday’s edition,  complete with brand name check and explanation of what they make and sell.

Winsday - there’s NOTHING neutral about this national media carbon coverage - Press for attention PR services

There’s the sale you see – the reporter did it for us!

So what do we do now? Bask in the glory? 

Well, yes, for about 5 minutes. There was even a small dance by yours truly!

Then it was back to the keyboard to write a blog for my client about being in the national press with a focus on POSITIONING

You see, their audience MAY have seen the article organically but by leveraging the coverage we will ENSURE they also see it on social media and on their blog and newsletter.

It will also be used in award submissions as PROOF of how they are different and other reporters will notice that Trust Electric Heating and Fiona are a really handy resource when it comes to this topic – oh, look, they also make very efficient electric radiators

That’s handy given the current crisis! I hope that fuels your thinking this week.

Happy Headlines,