S*x sells but not always in The City – Peloton’s “Big” PR problem

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Spoiler alert ahead…

So, I “accidentally” caught the new episodes of the classic series which I suspect your sp*m filter won’t allow me to name but you know what I mean.

Moments before, THAT moment happened, I muttered to my wife that this is going to be HUGE for Peloton, must have cost them a fortune.

And just like that, it did.

Read on to see why I always challenge the “no such thing as bad publicity” cliche.

Winsday - S*x sells but not always in The City - Peloton’s “Big” PR problem

As “Big” got on the bike in his super-swish home gym, I was probably one of the few wondering what commercial deal they had struck to have such a branding opportunity in the first episode.

I’m cool like that!

It was perfect in terms of the demographics Peloton aspires to reach, both in terms of “Big” and the rest of the girls and their audience.

Aspirational stuff.

And then just like that…everything changed.

To be fair to Peloton, they have been quick to come out and say that the bike may have improved the poor sod’s health for months before the incident and that it may have been more genetic than a fault of the exercise regime.

It may, it was also a TV show guys so I doubt they’ve factored that in!

They’ve even gone so far as to set up a parody ”comeback” in which Mr Big was brought back to life – with the caption: “And just like that… he’s alive”.

Great effort guys!

That is EXACTLY how you counter the negative press and try to join in the fun rather than wallowing in the grief of your brand’s demise.

It is a great effort but….as I write…the share price has dropped massively AND Google data analysis has shown an 809% increase in the use of the query ‘cancel peloton subscription’.

So yeah, the brand is HUGE right now but for the right reasons? Not so much.

S*x sells for sure but not always in the City.