Cue Mariah, all they want for Christmas….is YOU!!


They don’t want a lot for Christmas

There is just one thing they need

They just care about the present

Or the future you foresee

They don’t want you for their own

Exclusivity be blown

Make their wish come true

All they want for Christmas…

Is newwwwwwwwwwssssss….

And VIEWS baby!

Oh they won’t ask for much this Christmas

They just want you all to know

That they are gonna keep on writing

As the dreaded deadlines grow

It’s not even Christmas Eve

Still they crave what you perceive

Make their wish come true

All they want for Christmas…

Is newsssssssssssss…And VIEWS baby!

OK, now you’ve got Mariah stuck in your head, finish the end of the year on a high by remembering that those who win the PR game in 2022 will be the ones who recall my golden rule of media relations…

Be useful, if not tuneful!

I am writing this in mid-November and already I am hearing producers, editors and reporters struggling to get news and views as we stare down the glittery battle of the festive season.

In this of all years! 

Surely you have an opinion on the future of your industry? 

The high street? 

Government support? 










The very nature of business and indeed the United Kingdom itself?

So much opportunity is out there but it is STILL the vocal minority that will grasp it and bring their brand and their business into the limelight by being seen as thought leaders in their industry.

The bona fide experts.

Guess what?

That means there is an opportunity for you, especially around the opinion opportunities.

Just one last thing before I go…

In ‘silly season’ it is tempting to get stories out that are, shall we say, a little weak.

Make sure you check that it is news, “Love, Actually”.

If you aren’t sure what qualifies as news, don’t worry, I’m here, “just in cases”.