“Think in pictures” – supercharge your PR campaign

Yes, I really have written a book!
I have really written a book!

My publisher got in touch with me last week and asked me to write a brief piece on anything useful for PR.

Quite a wide-ranging brief that.

I had a ponder, asked a few followers on facebook and twitter and eventually came up with an area of real concern but also MASSIVE potential to catapult your PR efforts.

Think in pictures.

Now, we’re all guilty of this sometimes. Even us pros. Sometimes there just isn’t any budget, sometimes no time as the story has to run NOW!

However, if you are planning strategically (you are aren’t you?) this can make a HUGE difference to your campaign.

The key is to think “how will my story look on the page?”

So, bin the grin-n-grip, stop the sitting at desk looking thoughtful pics and begin to…

Think in pictures….