More than a Lidl bit funny

I’ll admit this right from the start, I don’t really like the John Lewis ad. 
I am clearly soulless.
Actually, it is great, it is warm, it is emotive but it’s just too ‘commercial’ for me, which sounds odd for an advert but it feels too much like a plug for Elton’s farewell tour. 
Although it appears Sainsbury’s knows a thing or two about plugs too.
That said, I’ve already been in to buy a very expensive wreath for my front door so it hasn’t damaged my relationship with them.
However, what Lidl did in response with their #EltonJohnLewis parody was so utterly brilliant that it HAS started a relationship with them, from pretty much nowhere on my radar. The brands are poles apart but it just shows what can be done with a bit of fun, creativity and most of all, speed. 
The ‘Lidl bit funny’ parody now ranks just ahead of my favourite social media campaign of the year, just pipping KFC’s ‘We’re sorry’ tweet during the great chicken crisis of February 2018.
There’s clearly something in the water this year as all of the big brands are getting in on it, ‘hijacking’ one another’s campaigns and riding on the exposure of their rivals.
It is superbly conceived and must be driving media buyers in marketing teams and agencies mad but you’ve gotta love it.
The question is, will it shift your brand loyalty, even if it is just a one percent rise in your approval or awareness?
After all the fairy dust has settled, that is what will win the day for the marketing teams.