Ignoring your dream list of clients is a nightmare for marketers

Ignoring your dream list of clients is a nightmare for marketers, Press for Attention PR, Nottingham

Normally on the last Wednesday of the month, I am getting ready to give a talk to local entrepreneurs about how to grow their business through marketing or basically, “getting and keeping customers”.

Two things have changed this time:

  1. I had to bring the meeting forward because next week is my wedding anniversary.

  2. The venue has just pulled the rug from under me and cancelled the event!

So it is not going ahead and instead, I will be running BONUS content at the September event.

Guess what, it won’t be at this venue!

The funny thing is, the topic for tonight was going to “Build Your Perfect Dream List”, essentially a properly conceived list of your IDEAL clients who you will proactively target.

You’d think for a pub with an event space, that 15 local business owners in a room every month might be approaching a DREAM LIST, especially as we tend to add a new face each month.

It appears not.

They didn’t call me, they emailed to ask if I could shift the event, got my out of office and didn’t even follow up.

They just cancelled it and when I sought clarification yesterday said (and I quote); 

“Sorry my booking takes priority, so I will have to postpone your meeting.”

Just to put this in context, I have run the event here for the last 5 consecutive months and was going to for the rest of the year.

Note “WAS”.

Now I imagine they have been approached by someone with deeper pockets for a one off event but how short-sighted is this?

Would you want 15 punters (and growing) every month who run local businesses or a one off?

Considering my crowd will spend in the bar before and after too and might also want to hire that space?

So there will be no “postponement” at the venue, there will be no event there ever again.

The members who were coming all know that this has happened and will draw their own conclusions about the culture of this venue, which until now I have personally LOVED to go to with friends and business associates outside of these monthly events.

Hence why I held it there,

So, if you are a Nottingham-based business owner and fancy popping along to the next event or would like more information, (venue to be announced!) just let me know and I will sort you out with a free monthly membership – Click Here

There is tonnes of useful content and good opportunities to network with business owners that are really going places – just not to this venue!

You might even win a Tesla – Click Here


In the meantime, I will not name names but let’s just say this approach to marketing to your dream list wasn’t “ever so sensible:”.