Has Andy Murray captured your heart now?

“Right, I’m gonna try this and it’s not gonna be easy.”


Not beating the legendary Roger Federer. Not speaking to a crowd that was ready to acclaim their new hero.

No, he isn’t there yet – that is still probably Roger, even today.

What wasn’t easy for Andy was fighting back the pent up emotion and being himself. Letting himself go in front of that crowd that remains, until today perhaps, a little more ambivalent towards Andy Murray than one should perhaps expect of our best player of the last 70 odd years.

Why? Whether intentionally or not, Andy struggles to get his personality across. I have written before here about the fact that he does have one and he is a genuinely funny person. Still, Andy has struggled to totally win over the British public. Is he too Scottish – whatever that means? Has his jibe about “anyone but England” still not been forgiven/understood as a joke?

Well, yesterday, after putting up a heck of a fight against a true legend of the game and Mr Perfect PR in Roger Federer, Andy did finally let it all go and with it, he may well have changed a few perceptions and won over a whole new generation of tennis fans.

“Ivana better focus” says Andy

It is strange that in a country so renowned for our stiff upper-lip we complain about Murray being too robotic, dull, passionless etc and then, once he hires the robotic, automaton that is Ivan Lendl, we cheer him for being more focused and mentally strong.

Maybe this time we’ll give him a chance. He’s stronger, better, more successful and cries when he loses. Surely that covers it all?

What do you think?

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