Don’t choke PR with bad photography

Notice the photo above? Smartly dressed woman throttles smartly dressed man?

I knew you would. I also knew the press would. That’s why I gave them the option.

You see, most appointment stories don’t really stir the imagination of anyone but the employer and the employee. They also rarely convey any personality. So, when I wanted to announce a new B2C PR division to be headed up by former Boots PR guru Lucy Capaldo, there was no chance I’d send in a photo of us shaking hands – the dreaded “grin n’ grip”.

Why? Well, firstly, it is what everyone else does. Secondly, I think like a journalist and I want to help them sell copies and clicks and thus my story. Thirdly, I want to convey that we do things a little differently.

Lucy and I have worked together before. We’ve got bags of experience. Together, it is a fantastic market offering. However, that is a selfish angle. So by creating an interesting photo and YES, spending (or INVESTING) money on it I win 3 ways.

Now, you might look at that and think, “there’s no WAY I’m hiring that pair” and that’s fine, we probably wouldn’t be a good match. However, I bet you looked twice when you saw it in the press and when you saw it on here and that’s my goal.

If you’ve read this far, you might even think it could be worth having a coffee with us to discuss how we can help you.

Risk v Reward and Bold v Bored. I know who I’d rather have on my PR team.