Brace yourself

Brace yourself - Press For Attention PR

It turns out that one of the most scrutinised couples and brands in the world aren’t that keen on negative publicity.

Who said that?

Clue, not them.

In a move straight out of the Omid Scobie playbook, that bombshell was announced by the author of a new book about the Beckham’s.

Appearing on ITV’s “Lorraine” show, the author Tom Bower discussed his new tome “The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power” which salaciously enough (to get on the sofa with Lorraine) looks at the couple’s careers and relationship.

It does indeed go into old GoldenBalls’ alleged infidelity, even though Posh and Becks have always denied the allegations made by Rebecca Loos in 2004.

What will the Beckham’s think?

Not a lot by the sounds of it.

Bower admitted he didn’t think they would be impressed as they “don’t like negative publicity”. 

In fact, he even suggested they wouldn’t even read it,

I think they will agree with him on that.

They don’t read books. They don’t even read their own autobiography, they admitted that.” opined Bower, in a statement as sweeping as a Beckham crossfield pass.

“They don’t like negative publicity, so I don’t think they will be very pleased with the book,” he went on.

Bower went on to note that the strength of the “Beckham brand” was the couple’s “manipulation of the media”.

Trust me, this is a two-way street Tom. I’ve been on both sides of it and it looks like you are wandering around in it too, leveraging their fame for your gain.

He added (seemingly thanks to him) that; “…everyone is talking about the Beckham’s, the book has provoked a huge conversation about them, so that’s not bad for them.”

Or you eh Tom?