Winsday Wisdom – What a performance – when “Little Britain” met the singing accountant

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Come on, admit it, we’ve ALL asked ourselves this question at some point…

“What do you get if you cross David Walliams with an opera singing accountant, Making Tax Digital and an e-newsletter?”

A 70% + open rate of course!

Read on to find out how we did this even though NOTHING had been sent in over a year.

I mean, nothing, nada, zilch!

What do you get if you cross David Walliams with an opera singing accountant, Making Tax Digital and an e-newsletter?

Picture the scene, the stage is set.

The orchestra stops faffing about and the audience makes one final effort to clear their throats, blow their noses (mask on, which makes for quite the logistical challenge) and rustle their bags of sweets. 

The curtain rises, onto the stage steps one of Britain’s best known opera-singing accountants.

Arguably, Britain’s only opera-singing accountant!

Only she isn’t here to sing, oh no…

Louise Herrington of Performance Accountancy is here to remind you that Making Tax Digital is happening folks.


Dun, dun, durrrrr!

OK, it isn’t the most promising opening salvo to a marketing campaign BUT through various forms of cunning, a lot of planning and frankly, a liberal dash of humour, Louise is about to achieve an open rate of over 70% on what is her first email in yonks*.

*Please note, “yonks” is a highly technical marketing term.

Louise first became vaguely aware of Greg earlier this year but a chance meeting where Louise had to put up with sitting next to him for 2 days at a business event in September changed everything. 

Well, her marketing at least.

You see, the problem with Louise’s marketing was over complicating things and actually, having too many things to do.

She had every app, every CRM and every twiddly marketing gadget going but she wasn’t actually able to execute on her marketing. 

Through a deceptively simple process, Greg got Louise to just be herself, be the opera singing accountant and to show her sense of humour. 

There’s tonnes of accountants out there but how many of them are classically trained opera singers and how many of them met David Walliams and wrote an e-newsletter about the meeting?


That one person (spoiler alert, it was Lousie) then managed to get over a 70% open rate on the email and “woke up” a dormant list that had heard precisely b*gger all for over a year from Louise, even though they needed to.

The problem with a lot of marketing is it just gets so complicated that nothing gets done.

So if you’re faffing about like an orchestra warming up for the big show but ultimately never play a note, get in touch, we might be able to just give you the tune up your business needs for 2022.