Give us a clue and stop masking your marketing messages

Hello there, have you noticed how many more people are now using video in their marketing?

Me included.

Have you also noticed how many people are missing a massive trick here and are effectively masking their messaging?

It is great that more and more business owners, thought leaders and go-to-gurus are braving the glare of the lens and embracing the power of video to help them communicate.

However, one thing really amazes me and it is a trick that people appear to miss, even marketing professionals!

Where are your subtitles?

Seriously guys! Give us a clue.

We live in an age where people view content on the move, between meetings, in public, in quiet spaces or simply sneak a peek whilst they get ready for a Zoom.

These people do NOT have the volume on.

Even if they do, might it not be useful to EMPHASISE your message with subtitles?

What if a percentage of your audience is hard of hearing? You are missing them.

These are what us marketing folk love to describe as incremental gains.

Yes, me adding subtitles to this video and across the various platforms is an extra “faff” but it is tiny in comparison to the opportunity and potential ROI I gain.

Why bother shooting a video and then not bother adding subtitles? Is it a gap in tech knowledge?

Drop me a line and I’ll explain how I do this.

Is it a time thing? Come on, that’s not valid when you can outsource.

We’ve all got used to wearing masks in public, don’t wear one in your marketing.