Spin Doctor in taking own medicine SHOCK

Spin Doctor in taking own medicine SHOCK

I thought I would attempt something a little different this week.

I’ve gone full Blue Peter (if you don’t get that reference, I really am getting old!).

You see, when I bang on about people not leveraging their media coverage, I am really serious about it. It is a HUGE waste of an opportunity and it really hammers the ROI of any campaign.

So, here’s one I made earlier (cue sticky back plastic)…

In fact, here’s one I made TODAY, as I’ve just ordered 20 copies of the region’s biggest selling B2B magazine.

The reason being, I am in it.

Yep, I’m innit, innit bruv!

The hard work is done right? Well, yes and no. There is so much MORE we can do with this.

For a start, there’s this…

I wrote this blog to tell you that I have been featured in the region’s BIGGEST B2B magazine.

I have also just sent the intro to this blog to my newsletter subscribers, (you might be reading this because of that) and guess what….I will know this.

That means I can tag you under “finds Greg’s content both useful and probably (to a lesser extent) hugely entertaining or at least a welcome diversion.”

I am also taking various pictures of the stash of magazines and I’ve snaffled the pdf.

Spin Doctor in taking own medicine SHOCK

This is far better marketing collateral than most brochures anyone ever sends out.

These will be woven into a social media campaign and then, wait here comes the science…

I’m only gonna go and actually POST the magazine out!

Like, in the mail. In an envelope (bright and hugely distracting). With a self-deprecating note and an invite to have a chat about whether I can help.

Why “only” 20? Well, there are a few folk on my “dream list” of clients that I know I could make a huge difference to. You might be one of them….

So they will get the mags.

They MIGHT read this, they MIGHT have read the article already (as a magazine subscriber), they MIGHT see my posts on social media…

That’s a lot of “mights” but that is how marketing works. There are a lot of “MIGHTS”.

I MIGHT have been asked to contribute to the magazine. I made sure I was in the frame.
You MIGHT see this post. I have made sure you have EVERY opportunity to.
Someone MIGHT stumble upon this article. I have made sure they have every chance to.

There are few certainties in marketing but here’s one…if you DON’T market, you WON’T win.

Well…you MIGHT but not on your terms.

I prefer my terms. So I take my own medicine.
Happy Headlines.