Peter Andre v Jordan – I’m a celebrity PR me out of here

Granted, I haven’t had the “celebs” beating a path to my door during my 10 year PR career but I have to say I would run a mile from Jordan’s briefs even if they did (was that a Freudian “slip”?).

Katie Price plus wedding ring with her new cage fighter chap
Katie Price plus wedding ring with her new cage fighter chap

The latest tabloid battle between these two “estranged” former darlings of the media has now descended into all-out war and I fail to see how it helps either of them in their personal relationships….oh, wait, maybe it is a more cynical ploy. Could it be that one of them has a book/single coming out? Oh yes, there it is, Peter has a new single out this week.

When this “story” about their split first broke I was one amongst many who raised a cynical eyebrow. It would have been a pretty hard-bitten strategy for most folk I know but in the world of Price and Andre it could quite conceivably have been a PR stunt.

Now it seems that their relationship is over, it seems even sadder to me that they continue to use the break-up as a vehicle for their careers. None of my business but I wouldn’t want to be their PR today, yesterday or any day in the future if that is the brief from the client.

Even worse, imagine if that brief comes from the record company or publisher. Talk about pressure but I would hope I’d be able to walk from that sort of nightmare.

Oh well, just another day in the world of celebrity PR.