Massage your message and marketing – average awards “efforts” are spa for the course

Massage your message and marketing - average awards “efforts” are spa for the course

Mrs S and I visited a spa recently and had a fabulous time steaming, saunaing, bubbling and generally lolling about doing nowt.

It is a fantastic spa, in fact it is the current award-winner in the Spa Days something or other category 2021 – I know this because it told me in reception on a nice display board.

Well done!

We swam, had a massage each and then did some more nowt, until we got ready to depart about 5 hours later.

It was in reception when I was waiting for Mrs S to emerge from the far more packed female changing rooms that I spotted the board and a massive missed opportunity.

They were very proud of this accolade and rightly so.

They even suggested that I might want to vote for them this year.

“You know what, I might well do so”, I thought to myself, definitely NOT going into work mode as soon as I changed into my civvies from my luxuriant towelling robe! 

However, no staff member mentioned this.

Not the receptionists who had just let me know that yes, I could keep the snazzy towel bag.

Missed opportunity 1.

Not my massage therapist who was awesome.

Missed opportunity 2.

Nor even the little card that she gave me with advice as to my post-treatment care.

Missed opportunity 3!


Because the thing is, they understood that I was in buying mode right there in the lobby, post-massage, feeling very chilled, next to the expensive lotions and potions.

I’d already forked out a fair bit of cash for the spa day so the odds were I’m not price sensitive and it is all about the experience.

So…now was the time to pounce.

Now, the argument might be that the cards are mass printed due to scale and can’t be simply done as a one-off for the awards effort.

Newsflash…they could, if it meant ENOUGH to win the award.

We got home and told our friends how lovely it all was and just this morning I got a little email asking us to vote for them.

I have done. They were great!

However, this could easily have been missed.

So if you are in the market to win awards this year, please make sure you massage every opportunity.

Marketing isn’t all lotions and potions, sometimes, it just needs something a little more hands on.

PS when it comes to awards…there’s an expert for that…ME. 

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