Lowering my emissions – a Public Transport challenge

Public Transport Nightmare
My public challenge

Ok, I’ve had enough of ranting at the radio as yet another London-based MP chats affably to a London-centric presenter as they extol the virtues of public transport.

They urge us to get out of our cars and “hop on a bus”, ride the tube, car share etc as we all do our bit to save the environment.

I think it sounds fantastic on paper and I’d love to lower my carbon footprint BUT we don’t all live in a brilliantly interconnected city where car ownership is a rarity and barely needed. It is tricky enough just commuting to an office as an employee, try it as a service provider.

As if by magic, the bus appeared

You can’t just wander 400 yards, disappear underground with an airy wave of an oyster card and magically  arrive, like some sort of capitalist Mr Benn at your client’s destination moments later.

It is harder in the regions. Buses are less frequent. They don’t drop you a minute’s stroll from the client’s office and the trains have such long gaps between departures that you must plan your working week like a cross between Sun Tzu and The Fat Controller (sorry, to be politically correct – Sir Topham Hat).

All aboard public transport

You cannot afford to be late for meetings with clients so you inevitably take the car as at least you feel in control.

But is this fair? Am I just being lazy? Perhaps if I did a little research I might find that it isn’t that tricky. I might even save money compared to the price of fuel, parking, depreciation on the car etc. I might well find that all of my “down-time” (shudder at management speak) that I waste in the car is suddenly free, allowing me to crack on with work whilst I move. I could be a super productive, time-shifting, space warping, report writing, press releasing, media briefing, Matrix hero. Only in a sensible suit and brogues.

I think it is worth a go. For a month anyway. If I am right, I will continue my ranting at the radio. If I’m wrong…maybe I’ll buy a Brompton and really go for it.

Press For Attention PR has clients in Bristol, London, across the Midlands, Bucks, Leeds and even France. We also have media alliances in Birmingham and Manchester. A tough challenge but it is worth it.

Update – Day 1

8 mile round-trip to new client. A major manufacturer here in Nottingham.

Cost of bus fair £4. Something called a “Kangaroo” which let me wander willy-nilly across the network.

Total journey time inc waiting – 1.5 hours (hmmm).

Time it would have taken in car – 0.20 hours (uh oh). Cost of mileage at £0.45 = 3.60 (call that even).

Potential productive time – 1.5 hours v 20 minutes of wasted/dead time in car but I could have left my desk an hour later and continued working.

Next up is a black-tie charity event tonight in Leicester. Late finish. Could be a difference maker here.