How do I improve the ROI of my PR?

This is the front page of my client’s local newspaper this morning. Talk about return on investment for PR!

Now that’s what I call ROI

It features a story we have worked on for over a month, getting quotes from supporting parties and stakeholders, positioning my client at the heart of the deal and essentially telling their market that if you want results like this, you really should be talking to them.

It is FANTASTIC coverage for them but is it just tomorrow’s fish and chip paper?

Well….YES. Yes it is, if that is ALL they do with it.

However, they won’t do that because we are going to leverage it. We are going to shout if from the rooftops via their social media. We’re going to get the story out across their e-newsletter. I’m going to use it to offer them up for further expert market comment.


Caution Marketing Rocket Science Alert

Use with caution 

And then, here’s the real genius. Here’s the secret sauce that is going to really power this PR campaign..

They are going to buy copies of the paper and PUT THEM IN THE POST. That’s right, they are going to go back to the marketing ‘Stone Age’ and actually post a letter. There’s going to be ink, a pen and EVERYTHING.

Whisper it but there’s going to be a hand addressed envelope.

You see, coverage like this, third party testimony from a trusted source, a newspaper, is like gold dust. It is the best sales brochure they could send out right now to their prospects. Not their suspects, I’m talking about the people who have been in touch before, kicked the tyres, asked them to keep them posted, expressed interest, you know the drill.

Sure, press coverage is often the goal of your PR campaign but this is how you take it to the next level. You share your good news. Look carefully and you’ll see that is what I am doing now.

In fact, I’m off to buy 10 copies myself to send to MY prospects. Now do you see how to leverage PR? 

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Happy headlines all.