I blame Alice Cooper

Have you ever noticed how work expands to fill a vacuum?

Or how ludicrously productive you can be when you have a holiday looming at the end of the week?

It seems as soon as “school’s out for summer” there is an incredible shot of productivity that shoots through the veins of marketers and business owners.

I have found it this past fortnight when I’ve been writing awards submissions for companies with deadlines at the end of each week. My questions have been answered in hyperspeed. Stats have been pulled, data has been harvested, financial figures have been plucked from the ether (or Xero).

It has been hugely interesting and got me thinking about deadlines and how they help hugely in getting things done.

I am used to deadlines. I’m a former journalist and write circa 3000 words a week for various clients and customers, many of which are on a fairly tight schedule.

However, here’s a confession…

I am useless at sticking to deadlines for my own work!

So I’ve decided to change things.

I am implementing a carrot and stick approach to my work where I get a treat when I nail the deadlines and miss out when I miss.

Time will tell how I do with this challenge but it might be worth looking at your own schedules to see where you can move faster on certain projects, whether that is by self-imposed deadlines, carrots and sticks or by bringing in expert help.

In the meantime, try getting this ditty out of your head…

No more pencils, no more books
No more teachers, dirty looks