How to annoy a journalist – lesson 3

In the final lesson ahead of our Nottingham event on April 14th, we’ve looked at B2C media relations.

So if you want three quick tips to placing your product or boosting your brand, read on, Katherine Taylor has some great advice.

Katherine Taylor, a features writer for eight years has seen and heard it all. Those lucky enough to receive a press mention usually (but not always) use these winning ruses:

For a glossy publication, it’s all about the image. So, make sure your product photographs well or if it’s about people, make sure they’re willing to be snapped. Don’t feel obliged to send a photo, leave that for photo desk to worry about. If you’re pitching a product, have samples to send out (these can always be returned).

If you’re touting food or beverage, then always send out a sample as your journo will most likely conduct a vox pop on this. Or, be ever so grateful and remember you come lunchtime.

For all publications, know the budget of the reader or else you’re just wasting your time.

If you’re trying to win over a local publication and you’ve got a local angle (e.g. local designer, local produce, people who live in the area), you’re laughing. Local journos like local things for local people!

Above all else, don’t give anything the hard sell, nor should you bombard your journo with pleading emails/phone calls/any other form of contact. It’s really annoying!

Thanks for your great advice Katherine. See you on the 14th