ER = good PR – the Queen as PR asset to UK

With today marking Queen Elizabeth II becoming the UK’s longest serving monarch, a poll by Sky Data shows that 70% of Brits would like to see the monarchy reign forever.

All seems rosy for her majesty. Indeed, the popularity of the monarchy in general terms has rarely been so high, aided by the social capital and feel good factor engendered since the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. A royal baby or two always helps of course.

It does of course raise questions among many about what it is the Queen actually does and what/how she is an asset to this country. I’m not going to stray into those murky waters but I would suggest that her majesty’s prime role appears to be as a PR asset.

It is said that whilst the monarch doesn’t actively “DO” anything, she does “reflect” the nation. In effect, this is an ambassadorial role and it seems that in many countries, our nation is indeed reflected positively by the Queen.

However, what does this mean for those that will (eventually) follow her?

Prince Charles has often been cast in a negative light, with the spectre of Lady Diana still haunting him and his “interference” in politics and wider issues irking many. How will “UK PLC” be reflected if and when he does ascend to the throne?

If it was purely a PR call in the traditional sense, I’m sure many advisers would advocate for him to abdicate or “pass” his reign straight down the line to his son.

I doubt it will happen but it is an interesting point in that if the monarch’s role is primarily to represent the nation, we should hope to have someone that is universally liked. Her Majesty is, William is…Charles, I believe, is another matter.

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