Caution….here be Dragons or not…

As I began to write this, over 75,000 people had signed a petition calling for St George’s Day to be a Bank Holiday.

This is as reported by The Daily Express, which is interesting to me as a PR man and former journo.

In fact, I have just posted a poll on Linkedin asking the same question and ducked for cover.


No, not because it is another dreaded Linkedin poll – although there is something in that!

Well, let’s just say, the subject is a tad “divisive”.

Should we have a bank holiday to celebrate St George’s Day?

Does the question make you feel awkward?

It seems to. Certainly the media can’t seem to decide what to do about the old chap.

Fawn? Ignore? Wring hands? Worry? Champion?

If the question came up at work, would you ignore it and hope it goes away/.

What about in the pub?

What if I asked you as a business owner for a national news piece?

He’s a divisive fellow you see.

Not the saint himself but what he has come to stand for. In effect, the St George brand has been hijacked by other parties.

I await to see which politician will jump on this topic today or in tomorrow’s PMQs because there’s political capital to be made here and a lot of profile.

Let’s see who unleashes the dragon.