“Appalling’ is not normally the judgement I am looking for

"Appalling' is not normally the judgement I am looking for - Press for Attention PR

“Appalling’ is not normally the judgement I am looking for

However, there it was as i scanned my emails this morning.

I’m not going to lie, I felt queasy.

My client has worked with me for nearly a year now and we’ve had some BIG wins including three pieces on Martin Lewis’s “Money Saving Expert” website and believe me, that is no walk in the PR park.

It has had a HUGE impact on their SEO and back in March they had their best month ever.

Not all down to me I hasten to add!

So this feedback took me by surprise. However, I’m a big boy so I took a breath and clicked.

There was a link….

To the Daily Mail’s Money section.

Now I was really worrying because I put a story out last week to them slamming the delays at the probate office with my client taking them to task about the utter misery of the farce.

Hold. The. Phones.

“Appalling” – that choice of word rang a bell…

Clicking with a smile now playing across my lips, I prepared my coverage dance (this is a secret and arcane ritual that mercifully, only my two labradors have ever seen).

There it was.

National coverage with my client (hi Carl) quoted in the headline and within the piece.

How did this come about?


I read about rumours of a delay last week and messaged Carl. He’s a busy chap but he found time to get two paragraphs to me and he wasn’t pulling punches.

This helps.

I then went into pitch mode.

The result can be found HERE if you fancy a nose.

What will we do with this?

Well, I will leverage it by adding it to Carl’s media CV (it gives other reporters piece of mind when they can see their peers quoting experts) and if Carl requires, I will write a blog for him which will flag the fact he was in the Mail and go into a little more detail.

That’s the thing with coverage. Don’t just wait for the phone to ring, make it work harder.

To do otherwise would be….well…appalling.