Your fleet and your image – driving growth or a vehicle for trouble?

What do you get if you cross a 6ft 5 inch, 100kg PR guru with a Fiat 500 hire car?

Answer…a marketing opportunity.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this after picking this little beauty up yesterday. I actually ASKED for it because it is remarkable.

If I’m going to get a hire car it will either be a monster truck or a tiny car. It has to say something, in this case, it was comedy gold as I was on my way to meet a prospect on a building site. 

They know my personality but this didn’t half raise some eyebrows.

Then it got me thinking about how YOU and your brand shows up when it comes to your vehicles and even your driving. 

You may well have a lovely sleek Merc, a sporty BMW, a Porsche or even a ‘super car’ – a few of my clients and readers of this post certainly do and hats off to them for rewarding themselves for their hard work.

I am more concerned about HOW your workforce drives and the image that sends out. 

Are your vehicles clean and well maintained? No ‘hilarious’ messages written in the dust by the team?

Are they branded consistently? Is there a call to action for people to take if they are interested?

Is it measurable? You might have ONE phone number exclusively for your fleet, another for website, social media etc.

Then there is the one that can REALLY impact on your business, positively or negatively….

How are they being driven? 

Your brand is out there on the road and the way your employees behave can have a huge impact. I’m not talking just about speeding, collisions or accidents where the chance of being named and shamed can have huge consequences.

I’m also talking about Road Rage, littering, aggression, being on the phone and general courtesy.

If your team wears uniform, you’d expect them to uphold the highest standards in public but forgiving the pun, what if they could go the extra mile when it comes to their behaviour?

Would you want them to open doors? Yes. How about offering a hand with bags to the car? Yes.

Think about how this could apply to your fleet and see if you can leverage this opportunity to drive your business.

Happy Headlines.