Winsday – Even Robin Hood has a business card

 Nottingham Venues Robin Hood launch

Picture the scene…

Sweltering hot day, the fizz flowing at a party to launch the new Nottingham Venues brand with 150 other guests in their stunning garden.

Crazy golf, limbo dancing, stilt walkers, archery, wonderful food.

The full works.

Enter stage left, holding a business card…Robin Hood.

Not just any Robin Hood – this is THE “Official Outlaw” of Nottingham.

I know this because his business card tells me so!

robin hood has a business card

Yep, dressed almost head to toe in Lincoln Green (always an odd one when talking about Nottingham) and brandishing a bow and several arrows, he joined me as I was setting up the official press pics for my client.

He’s smart is our Robin. He could see I was running the media side of things and sniffed an opportunity longer term.

It reminded me though of how few people still carry business cards that make any impression.

On one hand, this is fine.

There are far smarter ways to exchange contact details with the old “bump” sorcery thing via Linkedin, to the virtual card you just scan via QR code.

I’m not so fussed about the how, more about the “WHO?” and the “WHAT?”


What does your card say about you?

Or your Linkedin profile?

Does it faithfully report your job title or does it say what you actually do as a benefit?

Without going all “American Psycho” on this, Robin’s card was great because it looked the part, gothic script, parchment texture but the BEST BIT was the unashamed “Official Outlaw”.

You see, in this city, there are others who would assume his mantle. With this not so subtle approach, “Robin” has positioned himself perfectly.


So have a think when you’re next out networking, in person or online, about how you position yourself.

Get a bit creative. Remember, in marketing, nothing is outlawed!

PS Robin was in the official press shot I sent out. Why? Pictures sell stories.