What to do when the phone rings and it’s the BBC

I took a call this week from the BBC asking me to comment on some breaking news.

‘No problem’ I said, frantically opening up Google to see what it might be, as I’d not had time to read the papers yet – something I do every morning to see what angles my clients might leverage for blogs.

‘Great thanks Greg, we’re after some comment on the failed Sainsbury’s merger.’


I begin Googling frantically to see if one of their spokespeople made a total mess of a press interview.

Nothing to see so far.

I decide to stall for time. ‘So, let me know what you’re after here.’

‘Well, just some insight into the competition law that has essentially scuppered it. Anything you might be able to shed some light on really.’

I come clean. 

‘It’s not really my thing. Have you got the right Greg? I might have a client who can help here but I’m all about media management, publicity and marketing.’

‘Sorry Greg, thought your voice sounded familiar. Wrong Simpson.’

‘No probs. You know where I am next time.’

There are a couple of lessons from this I want you to remember.

1. Always answer the phone, you never know when it is the BBC.
2. Always try to help.
3. Always be honest. I do NOT subscribe to the ‘fake it ’til you make it mentality peddled by various ‘gurus’.

Also, ask yourself THESE 3 questions and use them to build your marketing campaign around…

If the BBC made a call to you out of the blue, what WOULD you want them to ask you for comment on? 
What IS your special area of expertise? 
Where can you add value to an audience by sharing your insight and knowledge?

Now start writing about it. Start commenting. Start getting ready for your BBC opportunity NOW. Then when they call or when I suggest WE call them together to pitch you as an expert you will be perfectly positioned as an expert.

Practice makes perfect.

Happy Headlines.


PS if you fancy a chat about how I can position you as an expert, from butcher to banker, lawyer to lawn care, just book a call with me HERE This is UK only I’m afraid. Remember, know your expertise.