Torres’ show of loyalty a game of two scarves

Torres shows true LFC colours

Well, the UK’s sporting press got very excited yesterday when Liverpool’s star striker Fernando Torres was spotted celebrating Spain’s World Cup victory in a Liverpool scarf.

The press jumped all over it, presumably in a bid to open the transfer specualtion floodgates so vital to circulation that have been dammed up all summer as the World Cup dominated hearts, minds and back pages. The official Liverpool website called it “the best pic you’ll see all year” as they cling to the hope that the proud Liverpool fan will stay and help them to rebuild.

Just this morning I posed the question on Twitter about what the true motives behind this picture might be. Imagine, you love your boyhood club, (he even has the tattoo) but you’ve done your best and now offers are flooding in. In your heart you maybe don’t really want to leave but your head is turned. You don’t want to upset your fans in a game full of disloyal badge kissing…so…

Step forward a PR consultant/agent. Being seen by the world’s media, proudly sporting your scarf would send out all the right messages. Then, when/if it does turn out that the club need the money to rebuild you can leave as the sacrificial lamb. “No man is bigger than the club” etc “this was my best way of helping LFC etc”.

This was my cynical view just three hours ago before I saw this picture…taken on the open tour bus ride

Change of heart, mind or scarf Fernando?

Gulp! There was also a Torres No. 9 Atletico Madrid shirt draped in front of him on the bus.

Torres said last week he would look to resolve his future after the World Cup, saying: “I suppose that when the World Cup finishes I will speak to the people at Liverpool and they will explain to me the real situation of how things are at present, the future of the club and I will talk to the new coach.”

So, what now?

The Press For Attention Prescription

I’d be talking to your PR man or your agent Fernando. Or at least having a good talk to yourself. Well-intentioned or not you are sending out mixed messages. Was this a climbdown after the media frenzy predicted you would be staying at Liverpool when you sported the LFC colours in the dressing room?

Too many mixed messages are coming out and the media will love this. Back pages sell as many papers as front pages in the summer. With one hand you gave your supporters hope, with the other you have shaken it. I suggest you keep quiet now and if you will wear a scarf, just make it a Spanish one for now eh?