This blog contains big BUTS…

…and I cannot lie.

Fear not, gentle reader, this particular giant but – note singular ‘t’ – is the one most people are defaulting to right now and is another dreaded ‘B’ word…yep, Brexit.

Negotiations are much in the news today. I’m writing this ahead of watching PMQs because I have to as a business to business PR specialist.

There’s always an angle my clients can comment on so it is great fodder for me but my word it is depressing stuff.

I’ve lost count of the ways people have found to use Brexit as a ‘reason’ aka ‘excuse’ not to make decisions. Of course in certain situations that is absolutely correct and we’re balancing risk v reward.

However, people seem to have forgotten the REWARD part of the equation.

When it comes to investing in your marketing, I understand people being more cautious, nobody really knows what is coming down the road after Brexit but guess what…

Nobody REALLY knew before.

They rarely do.

The best marketers however do know that if they get X amount of enquiries they make Y amount of conversions and Z amount of sales.

They also know what that means in terms of profit.

So before you start lining up your buts, make sure you are basing your ‘reasons’ on sound marketing information, not just delaying because it appears safer.

Also, remember that if everyone else is doing the same thing, that gives you a HUGE opportunity to be seen and heard.

I will make you one peach of a guarantee with regards your sales if you do keep putting off decisions…

You won’t make many and that, frankly, is the bottom line.

Happy Headlines.