Thierry Henry – Charm Offensive?

Henry quiets the crowd
Henry would be best advised to keep quiet now

So, 2 days on since the hand of frog and the media is still all over this one. Why is that? Doesn’t this happen all the time in football? Yes, it does.

So, what’s the problem? Is it because it is a World Cup issue? Is it because it is the French? No. It is because it is Thierry Henry. Henry is a man who has carved out a reputation for skill, flair and (compared to many other superstar players) for fair play.

He is a charming, good-looking chap and he has the world at his twinkling feet. Gillette certainly thought so when they hired him to appear alongside the likes of Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. So is his contract with Gillette in jeopardy now he has been exposed as a mere human being playing a professional game in which cheating and bending the rules is common place?

I think not. Believe it or not this story will blow over. Henry will continue to score goals for France and Barcelona and whilst Gillette may see sales in Ireland slip for a bit I don’t think this will worry them too much. If it did, would they be fretting over Federer beating Murray at Wimbledon on a dodgy line call or Woods leading the USA to victory over Europe in the Ryder Cup having marked his scorecard incorrectly? No. Sponsorship deals will always have more reward than risk and they will continue whilst the media and the public is obsessed with celebrity.

The Press For Attention Prescription

Henry should have come out early and apologised. However, he hasn’t and he is best advised to keep his trap shut now lest he fan the flames. If I was Gillette I’d do the same. However, if I was Wilkinson Sword I’d find it hard to resist a cheeky campaign to boost sales in Ireland. A limited edition green handle perhaps?