PR Boutique – strategic PR advice

The real value when working with a PR agency or PR consultant is found with bespoke retainers and projects.

We reserve this level of support for B2B public relations campaigns for clients based in the East Midlands – that is our speciality and where we can add most value.

The campaign’s reach can of course be national in scope but we like to be within one hour of our clients.

Why retainers?

Retainers mean we are “switched on” listening for opportunities and advocating for you every day, working to hit your strategic marketing goals.

This is the key to success with PR.

Our retainers are for a minimum of 3 months so that we can test and measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

They vary in price and value and are made up of the components found in the PR Warehouse but at better value.

They are not set in stone, you can pick and choose each component once the basic package is in place to best suit you.

Prices start from just £500/m and include a monthly strategy meeting, a listing on our panel of media experts and our Newsdesk service as first port of call with the media. 

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